Welcome to a new way of being.

To seeing with clear eyes and the ability to make your life an existence of greatness. Deep down, you’ve always known this very moment would come. You’ve believed that your life was always going be a great call to adventure, that would be the beginning of becoming your authentic you.

I Am here to provide you with all the love and support you need to move into a new way of living from this moment on. This moment is your great reconnection, your revolution – ‘a dramatic and all encompassing change in conditions and attitude’. It is my lifetime’s work and I have been watching and waiting for this incredibly powerful time to come.

I know that everything that has brought you to now, has been a crazy mix of memories and emotions. Days of laughter and days of deep despair. There have been fantabulous highs and depths of blinding lows. You’ve laughed, you’ve loved, you’ve lost and now you seek to find a smoother journey - and here you shall find it. In finding YOU. Here begins the realisation of all that you are. Here begins the journey I shall take you on.

Believe me when I say, I’m a straight talkin', life lovin', soul drippin' yogi who is addicted to LOVE! However, when I’m not doing those things, I am a Counsellor of all kinds and in all matters, Writer, Spiritual Healer, Motivational Speaker, Truth Sayer, and believer in all things magic.

My work has evolved through many life experiences to piece together all that is required to align the body, mind and soul. These pieces allow me to create a beautiful fusion of science and love to help awaken people to who they are- to their reconnection to all they are - to LOVE and all that LIFE IS. From a chubby bubby on a farm pushing around piglets in prams to a wife and mother of three wonderful human children. It has been such a wonderful journey reaching this point and I am so wildly excited to share it with you.

My knowing of Life and Love beyond this human form is deep. I have spent many lives devoted to this purpose and have worked through many pieces to get to this point. There is no separation in what we seek and what we already are – sometimes we just need a little help remembering. This is you great awakening - this is reconnection - REALISATION.. this is your moment.

It is a journey, it is an awakening and it comes with small steps of understanding, building to acceptance and opening.  Let me bring back to your life all the confidence, courage and honour you need to find YOU, to find your life. To a space of not only knowing you, but seeing you and loving you, for what truly may be the first time. Upon this you are going to build, carve and create the life of your dreams. There is so much to share ...

Here is your beginning.